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Aquatrac Wireless Communications With EvDO

Activating the EvDO Data Card


Regardless of the data card that you are using, all data cards will need to be activated before you install it in the router. The activation process can be narrowed down to two different methods:

  1. Activated by the vendor who sold you the data card
  2. Activated by you using software that came with the data card

The purpose of this document is to inform you on the two different activation methods and what you must do in order to start using the data card with the router and Aquatrac controller.

Static IP Address Assignment

Before you activate the data card, it is important that you have a Static IP Address assigned to your data card.

By default, EvDO providers assign a Dynamic IP Address to your data card - meaning that the IP Address of your data card can and will change at any given time.

NOTE: The problem with having a Dynamic IP Address assigned to your data card is that you will never know what the IP Address is and, therefore, you will not know what IP Address to use when you want to connect to your controller.

To get a Static IP Address assigned to your data card you must explicitly request it when you sign up with your data provider (Spring, Verizon, etc). Most likely there will be an extra charge for the Static IP Address and that charge varies between data providers.

It is worth mentioning that there is a solution for succesfully implementing remote data services without the need for a Static IP Address assignment called "Dynamic DNS". The Dynamic DNS topic is outside the scope of this white paper, but you can learn more about it at If you plan on implementing Dynamic DNS, then you will need to make sure that the router you choose supports it.

Activation By Vendor

If the data card has been activated by the vendor, there is nothing you need to do to the data card. You can simply install the data card into the EvDO router.

Manual Activation

NOTE: To manually activate your data card, you will need to plug it into your computer. Therefore, your computer must have the correct port that supports the data card. For example: The Merlin EX720 is an Express Card form factor, therefore your computer must have an Express Card port.

If your data card has not been activated, you will need to activate it using the software that came with your data card.

Regardless of the data card model, the manual activation process is usually done in the following steps:

  1. Install the software that came with your data card (usually on a CD) onto your computer
  2. After the software is installed, insert your data card into the data card port located on your computer.
  3. Open/run the data card software, then follow the onscreen instructions to start the activation process
  4. After the initialization process is complete, you can insert the data card into the EvDO router

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